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AndrosteNONEandrosteNONE Pheromone is found in both male and female sweat and urine and is considered a steroid. androsteNONE pheromones were the first sex or human pheromone to be identified from a mammal. androsteNONE pheromone can smell like a variety of different things, however, one of the most common scents of the androsteNONE pheromone is a light floral smell. In fact, androsteNONE pheromone scent is very faint and is often difficult to actually smell. The results of androsteNONE pheromone are proven and we strongly recommend that you try out androsteNONE pheromone if you havent before. The same reagent grade androsteNONE pheromone that comes with the Pheromone Chemistry Sets. androsteNONE Pheromone comes in a 10ml eye-dropper top bottle. Guaranteed to contain 10mg dry wt. of androsteNONE Pheromone .

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