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Boxed Edge Delice Pheromones for Women

Boxed Edge Delice Pheromones for WomenFinally! The cutting “Edge” in pheromone technology After two years testing/development and two months of negotiating and hardest of all, just waiting for the darned first shipment to get here, I am proud (and greatly relieved) to finally announce the release of the mighty Edge for women . While the exact formula is secret, it contains the standard women’s profile pheromones, plus a big surprise ingredient and a guaranteed total pheromone content by weight of 2.4 mg per bottle, making it an awesome value as well as the cutting edge in pheromone attraction . The beautiful new bottle and box make this a great gift choice as well. Try it, they’ll like it. Women’s DELICE version with box Contents: 25 ml Guaranteed 2.4 mg pheromone content per bottle.

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