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8 Hawaiian Peacock Jasmines

8 Hawaiian Peacock JasminesSWEET SCENTED HAWAIIAN PEACOCK JASMINE Explodes into Clusters of Tropical Flowers All Year Round!!!   Live plants shipped for instant enjoyment… NOT Seeds! Easy-to-grow, tropical blooms and irresistible perfume. Powerful scent of these flowers is very exotic and long-lasting. Deliciously scented flowers used in exotic Hawaiian Leis. Fill the rooms of your home with the heavenly scent of Jasmine. Order 20 and pay just $3.98 per plant… Order Now!!! Enjoy the snow white, sweetly scented and incredibly fragrant perfumed flowers. They grow in clusters on small plants with shiny foliage, blooming almost continuously. Buds are used in the Orient for scenting medicinal tea. Use the flowers to fill your home with a heavenly fragrance. These breathtaking tropical plants have wing-like leaves with big, starry and snow-white blossoms. Enjoy these houseplants inside, or on the deck or patio during the spring and summer. Order today! Will ship at the appropriate planting time for your region. Please Note: No plants, trees, or bushes are shipped between July 1st and September 14th.Orders placed after June 30th will not be shipped until September 15th. Fall horticulture orders will be shipped until November 15th. Orders placed after November 15th will be shipped the following March or April, depending on your state..–> Please click here to view the horticulture shipping time for your state.

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