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Category: Jewelry

Angry Birds Rubber Bracelet

Angry Birds Rubber BraceletWanna show some Angry Bird love? Use this bracelet as your outlet.

Regular Price: 6.50 USD
Best Price: 3.25 USD at Claire’s

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Glitter and Shine Bracelet

Glitter and Shine BraceletAdd instant glamour to your look with this pearly princess bracelet. Glittery rhinestone accents offset shimmery pearls, all wrapped in a shiny silver package that stretches for the perfect fit every time. Whether you’re dressing up for prom or homecoming, or just craving some extra bling, this stretchy bracelet delivers precisely the right amount of sparkle and shine. Pair this pretty bracelet with classy pearl drop earrings and a pearl pendant necklace for a completely regal look!

Regular Price: 9.50 USD
Best Price: 9.50 USD at Claire’s

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Metal Stretch Bracelet

Metal Stretch BraceletSlip into a layered metallic look with this metal stretch bracelet. Each separate piece is either silver, gold or copper and features a pyramid-like stud in the center. The pieces are closely attached side by side and are rounded on the edges for a look that's equal parts edgy, hippie and earthy. The bracelet will fit most wrist sizes comfortably and the neutral shades match just about anything.

Regular Price: 11.50 USD
Best Price: 11.50 USD at Claire’s

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Heart Eternity Bracelet with Ring

Heart Eternity Bracelet with RingYour creative style is suffering from a brain lapse. Don’t panic. This heart bracelet ring chain doesn’t require any mental energy because it’s effortlessly cute. The gold ring features a heart-shaped design with a diamond jeweled center. The ring connects via a sequence of gold chains to a pyramid tier of hearts. The gold pyramid creates a bracelet that cascades down your wrist.

Regular Price: 10.50 USD
Best Price: 10.50 USD at Claire’s

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Triple Threat Bracelet Set

Triple Threat Bracelet SetThese bracelets are a style triple threat. Wear one at time or all three and you'll see.

Regular Price: 9.00 USD
Best Price: 9.00 USD at Claire’s

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