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Love Scent Pheromone Sampler for Men

Love Scent Pheromone Sampler for MenThe ultimate pheromone sampler pack for men! Get Love Scent’s top pheromone products in a sampler pack! Each sampler pack comes with the following pheromone gel packets Scent of Eros ( scented ) One of our top selling scented pheromone products; musk fragrance Alter Ego ( scented ) Top selling pheromone cologne for years Edge ( scented ) From our top-selling sandalwood scented pheromone cologne Perception ( unscented ) Made to use along side your favorite cologne Chikara ( scented ) The number one selling pheromone cologne in the world for years PLUS… Edge Pheromone Wipe! Each foil packet contains a folded moist towlet impregnated with an all-new fragrance and an all-new hit-tech pheromone formula. PLUS… Pheromax 1 ml Sample! Hi-tech pheromone product from Germany. The pheromones are extremely concentrated and packed into a very strong glass vial, which can be opened to add your own cover fragrance or apply a drop on the wrist and apply a favorite cologne. Pheromax contains androsteNONE , androsteNOL and AndrostaDienone . Only one sampler per customer please

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